How can I support Doug?

I decline any and all monies to run as an MLA and I will not issue any tax receipts. Part of what I am running about concerns party discipline which effectively stifles independent thought, let alone expression of same by candidates beholden to funding and approval from back room power brokers on both sides of the political spectrum.

If anyone still wishes to buck up on my behalf, I personally support the following non profit organizations. Please note that these worthy organizations have not and will not be asked for any kind of support politically or other wise. Suffice to say, this is a one way recommendation on my part. All of these groups do good work day in and day out, and in my opinion are deserving of and would be most appreciative of anything you care to give.

I posted four Ebay auctions, directing all proceeds to each of these four charities, to allow people to directly show their support for my campaign.